Monday, July 11, 2011

Day One - Interview. CHECK!

Today was our first day at Miss Arkansas and I started video taping different parts of the day - the montage will be on later tonight!  These are a few pictures of our day... if they will ever upload!  Our internet in the Austen here in Hot Springs is not up to par - so we are having to practice our patience.

The Bible verse that really stuck with me today as I prepared mentally and emotionally for Interview was Proverbs 31:25 "Strength and dignity are her clothing and she smiles at the future"  

It is amazing how much you grow during this one week at Miss Arkansas with these women.  They teach you so much about yourself and how you act and react under pressure and intensely stressful situations.  My roommate, kathryn, is amazing and very encouraging.  Today we had interview together and we were both a little stressed but she was amazingly poised and encouraged me to be the same.

Last night we stayed up talking about boys and God and our lives ahead of us and she really reminded me that God's timing is perfect.  Sometimes I want it now or I think I know what is best.  The amazing thing about this week is that you have prepared - you have done all you can to be here at this moment.  Now, all you have to do is trust God.  He is completely in control of this week and that crown that all 45 of us want so badly.  All we can do is trust God and have a great week.  Which is just what I am doing!

This morning roll call was at 7:15 (same as tomorrow) and we woke up around 6:30.  Kathryn's alarm clock was so peaceful.  It reminded me of CInderella and those sweet birds that wake her up.  On the other hand... my alarm clock sounds like a train wreck!  Ha - maybe I should rethink the way I wake up in the mornings!  lol

We made it down stairs just in time to watch Chaperone Boogie and I have decided that I will start video taping the whole week!  So look for our videos.  We started rehearsal at 8 and were not dismissed for lunch until 11:30.  At lunch we had tacos - which I did not eat (I brought tuna and I was soo nervous about interview I couldn't eat).  We met for rehearsal at 1 and stayed until about 3:30 when we were dismissed.  I met with my Hair and Makeup Ladies Lauren and Stephanie at 5:30 and my interview time was at 7.  

I love taking pictures so I will post alot of them so you can see us through out the day.  

Interview was amazing - but it will remain confidential right now.  Girls still have interviews tomorrow so if you are reading this pray for them!  It is very intimidating.  I am still amazed at how much I have grown through this Miss Arkansas system.  I now have enough poise and confidence in myself to stand and answer a ton of questions in any category with eloquence in my voice and demeanor!  

Mom brought us 2 gallons of Diet Lemonade from Chik Fil A and we all watched the Bachelorette in Kristen and Bethany's room.  I came back down to my room at about 9:30 and started working on blogging and catching up on my Google Reader -thank you Kati!  [read her blog] and now I am just patiently waiting for my pictures to upload and my video to export!  

Tomorrow is a restful day full of rehearsal, pictures, and nothing in the afternoon because my interview is over!!! yay!!!

Hopefully you are having a great week as well!

Right before interview = my roommate Kathryn and I

Mr Danny Barger from You've Got The Look Photography!  Love this man!!! He is amazing!

Group A Chaperones - the best chaperones!!

Cortnie and Bethany and I at rehearsal.  reading our newspaper - catching up on current events in the newspaper - ready for interview!

The dreaded interview room.

Some of Group A headed to interview! 
Me, Kathryn, Allie, Ashleigh, and Cortnie!

Here is our video montage of the first day!! Hope you like it!

Enjoy - Abby

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