Saturday, July 16, 2011

Friday Night - The Final Night!

So I am currently uploading 33 pictures... WOW - get ready to read a lot and look at a lot of pictures!

Today we got to sleep in until 830 which is late for us!  I woke up before Kathyrn - which is A FIRST but yesterday and today I have been waking up early!  I dont know what it is - but I like it!

We wore our Turqoise shirts today from Bella's gifts - but I talked about them in the last post.

We went to rehearsal and it lasted like an hour and a half?  It was so quick.  I tried my evening gown on and it was huge!  Mrs. Shelley had to take up a whole inch in the waist and hips area!  can you believe it.  THat is what Miss Arkansas week will do to you!  So she took my dress and altered it today and brought it back at 5 right before we went over to the convention center for the pageant.

we had lunch up in the chaperones suite today.  It was barbeque and baked beans and this incredible lemon butter bar - i mean i could have eaten the whole tray!  It was amazing!

me and Kathryn just chilled all afternoon in our suite and slept and just relaxed.  It was soo nice!  we also decided it was time to do a little spring cleaning so we threw away a lot of our trash, got new towels, and organized all of our stuff!  I'm excited about what tomorrow has to offer.

When we were in the makeup room Katie Stam, Miss America 2008, was in there and we got to talk to her and hang out and we even interviewed her for my day 5 video - so be watching for that it is going to be funny today!

we headed over to the convention center and chilled until time to perform.  I'm not sure what else happened today - it was a boring day and we slept most of it or we organized our room.

I cannot explain to you how good that butter bar was.  It was to die for.  I might even use it was my wedding cake - just kidding!  It wasn't that good!

Tonight at visitation - one of my best friends Molly came.  I was completely shocked.  She had text me during the pageant but I thought she was watching it on the live feed - but she was here!! When I saw her - i screamed - it was soo good to see her!  I have missed her and her wonderful sweet family.

I love being on stage! It is the most fun thing in the world.  I can't wait to be on it one more time tomorrow night.

If I were crowned Miss Arkansas I would be thrilled out of my little socks!!  But in less than 24 hours I will have eaten a cupcake and I will know who the next Miss Arkansas is!  How exciting!

Laine and I -she did all of my clothes!! Isn't she wonderful!! I love her!!!

Me and my sweet princess Jessica - she is absolutely adorable!!

The EEE's with me and Bethany - we have such an awesome support group!!

My wonderful grandparents!

Me andLaura Leigh@  She is 14 - doesn't she look it?  NOT!

Girls hanging out in our visitation dresses before we head over to the show!

Backstage at rehearsal!! GROUP A ROCKS!!!

Back stage before we head on stage for evening gown!! I took the camera everywhere!!!! love it!

Miss America Katie Stam looking just fabulous!

me and lex - she is crazy... 100% of the time !! I love it

Eating after the competition - it's the most chill fun and most retarded time of the whole night!  we are all hyper and goofy - it's great!

Me and Dororthy ROy - I love this girl!!!

Ashley and I - we have become best friends this week!!  She is also my suite mate! Our door stays open all of the time!

Me and my mom - isn't she precious!!!

DJ WILLIAMS _ He said he loved my dress!! What the heck!  That is soo cool!

Best friend hug!!  It's so awesome to have a great support group - especially from your best friends!

Me and Molly Anne (19) - she is such a trooper coming to all of my pageants!!! LOVE HER - I will miss her truly when I head to Waco!

Peace up!  A Group!  Nuff Said!!

Me and Hannah - How cute are we! and we almost look like twinkies!!

Backstage before the show starts!! We have soo much fun on our side!  If you look closely you can see one of our dancers in the middle back and she was a ROCKETTE for 3 years!! How cool is that!

I can't wait until these pictures are uploaded!! and then I can work on the video!

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