Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Round 2 - short day and it's over


Haha i love the thumbnail for this!! Bethany I promise I did not pick this!

Well hello from Hot Springs!  Today has been a great day!  It started early this morning and ended around lunch time.  Thankful for the day off - Group A's hard day was yesterday with interview!  Today B and C will go into interview B starting at 4 and C starting around 630 (i think).  

I am still having a blast today with these girls!  I made another video for today - it's short because we only had this morning together.  It's weird being stuck on 2 floors of a hotel all day without anything to do.  Thankfully I have my computer, a tv, and HULU  - I am currently watching Covert Affairs.  Then I think i might do some ab work... you know swim suit is thursday!  :) 

Its crazy to think that I have been working on one phase of competition all summer - it has practically consumed my life... and it is the shortest phase - only on stage for 10 seconds.  However, this year - we are starting on stage on some risers... facing sideways.  My roommate Kathryn and I have been practicing our stances in front of each other to make sure we stand at just the right angle.  

I am so impressed at how all of these girls are so kind to each other.  We are all in this program to be Miss Arkansas and to win Scholarship money - but we also want to be friends with each other.  My newest friend Brickey (in a photo below) is the funniest girl on stage!  She has soo much spunk and enthusiasm.  Truly a joy to be around.  After coming back from rehearsal I sat in her room with Alicia for an hour discussing current events.  And it was so much fun - yes current events can be fun if you study up on them and you know what you are talking about.  

So this morning we woke up and had roll call at 715 - and nobody was late!! yay!  and then headed to rehearsal.  We ran through opening and learned finale.  Then the court came.  This year there will be no singers in the court only these three amazing dancers!  There is a jazz or contemporary dancer, a hip hop, and a ballerina.  They were soo strong!  and we could not stop staring at their bodys!  I mean I have been working out all summer and my body might be 1/2 of what their bodies looked like.  At one point Dororthy Shepherd looked at me (I call her shep) and she said oh my word Abby stop staring... I was completely in awe of their abilities and talents.  If you don't like pageants - the dancers (court) would be reason enough to watch the pageant online  - click there and go watch the Miss Arkansas Pageant 730 Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday this week and finals will be Saturday night at 730!! Tickets can be purchased through Ticketmaster.

Enough with trying to sell the pageant!!

We took turns A B and C going through different phases of competition and then we were let go.  We came back to the hotel and had lunch that consisted of a baked potatoe and a salad.  I hung out in the hair and makeup room for a minute - I know we pay them, but our hairdressers and makeup staff are phenomenal.  As well as our backstage and production staff!

I cannot wait for tomorrow!! First Day of Competition!! Our day will start early with competition practice at 730 am! Yuck.  That is early for a vocalist.  That means I will be awake around 530 to start warming up!  But that will be good for me!

Tomorrow consists of morning Rehearsal which will be in full dress.  I am so excited!  Mrs. Shelley is bringing my gowns to me and I will be so happy to finally put on my bird dress.  I am absolutely in love with it.  

I haven't gotten a chance to be on pinterest lately - but I have updated my cupcake blog so check it out!  

I am trying to think if I have left anything out:  I might add something later with the video if I remember what I was going to say.  

I hope you have a great evening!  God Bless!!

At rehearsal!!  Rianne, Ashley, me, Dalia, Ashleigh, Kim, Maegan, Amy, and Tracey!

Ms. Alex Farmer and me - I love this girl - we have such a good time together backstage!

Alicia is in the middle and has been a great friend that I have met throughout my years competing - definitely that long term friend.  And Dorothy was Miss Arkansas OTeen at one point several years ago and is now a Chi O in Fayetteville at U of A. Very sweet girls!

My roommate Kathryn and I and Brandi!!  So fun!

Elizabeth Liberty and I - she is a newbie this year and I have loved getting to know her!

This is what we do when we are on break - no we don't sleep, bathroom break, or chill - we decide to make beauty queen pyramids!!!  How silly are we!

These girls are chilling!  

In order to raise money for scholarships we are doing auction baskets that you can bid on all week and will win on Saturday.  my basket is of course the cupcake basket!!!  Someone has already bid on it!!! How fun!  I love my nickname.  

Okay so funny story about Kelsey, Kacey and I.  we stand in opening number on 
 boxes in the front.  And every time we start up there we feel like we are going to fall off.  IN fact, today Stacey Jones - our AMAZING production manager - came by and said oh that is bowing in the middle we need to fix that - and Kacey just looked at us like, not only am I in heels - but i have terrible balance!!  So far we have been safe and have not died - but tomorrow is the real test... the dress rehearsal! 

GROUP A backstage! 

These girls are goofy especially the one on the left mackenzie - watch the video from today to see more!

Right before Finale - We are all having a blast in the back talking about funn memories, the song Firework (which is our finale song) and dancing around with JUne Bug and Mr. Fred!

Currently watching In Plain Sight - but the internet is terrible.  HOpefully it will get better soon!

See ya..

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