Sunday, July 10, 2011

Miss Arkansas Arrival!

Ouachita Baptist University girls!

So today begins the final stretch of my journey to Miss Arkansas 2011!  I am super pumped about this year.  I know that I have prepared all that I can and done everything I have set my mind to do and met every goal - well almost.. the next goal "be Miss Arkansas"  I cannot wait for this week to get started!  Below are some of my pictures from today.  Feel free to follow and post and ask questions.  You can also skip over to my Cupcake Queen blog  and follow me as I count down the final days to my cupcake!  I can't wait!

My love of cupcakes began 2 years ago when I set my mind to lose over 80 pounds.  I needed an incentive and I wanted to have something that I looked forward to.  Well Cupcakes on Kavanaugh had just opened and so I wanted to try not just one flavor - but ALL flavors :)  go check out their website it's so great!  It is a great site and a wonderful cupcake shop!  They have a delicious Red Velvet!!! So anyways - as my pageant year started 2 years ago I began thinking what if I became the "Cupcake Queen" and it stuck!  I take cupcakes everywhere I go (most of the time) and I give cupcake gifts to my friends.  It has been neat seeing all of the girls and pageant people latch onto my "name".  I even had a lady ask my last week at the Teen Pageant - "Aren't you the Cupcake Queen"!  It's cool when I see it effecting everybody around me and they really have fun with the nickname.  My countdown to the crown is not just on my blog - it is mostly on my facebook.  Everyday I feature a new cupcake.  I usually get asked questions like "isn't this torture?" or "are you actually making these?"  Most of the time I get them from a blog called Cupcakes Take the Cake - it's a great blog to read and follow.

Today I woke up around 9 am and watched my first episode of In Plain Sight.  I am officially addicted!  I am actually watching it with my awesome Roommate Kathryn Holcomb right now!  So I got up and turned the curlers on and then chilled for an hour.  About 1030 I put my curlers in and headed to hair and makeup.  This week at Miss Arkansas we are pampered and truly treated like royalty.. or celebrities!  I love it.  It's so fun - but it is also extremely exhausting.  All of us girls - as you will see as the week progresses have a blast together!

My roommate Kathryn!!!  We are going to have a blast this week!  We have been talking for over an hour in our room tonight about life!!  

We all get our hair and makeup done in the same room at literally the same time.  It's a big party!
This is Ms. Stephanie!  She is such a sweet woman and a godly one at that.  She does my makeup!! I absolutely Love her!!!!

Me and Bethany getting our hair and makeup done!

Then we headed over to the Hot Springs Convention Center for Arrival.  I don't have pictures of the actual arrival, but I did take pictures of all of us girls in the meeting beforehand dressed up.  We have had several meetings today about this week, rules, and the job of Miss Arkansas.  Even though this is a competition for Miss Arkansas, it is the craziest and funnest job interview you will ever have.  That is really how you have to look at it.  A job interview!  You must prove to 5 judges that you want this job and you are the best at this job.

At our meeting before arrival.

More contestants at the meeting :)  That is my roommate Kathryn on the end! 
Some more contestants.  Hannah (in blue on end) is such a bubbly sweet newbie!!) I am going to love getting to know our 26 newbies this week!

Tonight we had our meeting with our Chaperones - There will be more pictures of them later this week... and maybe even a montage of a day in the life!  We will see!  I hope you enjoy the pictures!  More to come later.

Tomorrow we have a full day so I will post tomorrow night about my interview (it's at 730).  I am so pumped.  I will most likely post throughout the day on - so check in over there!

Pray for all of us as we journey through our first round of Interviews!

 One of my Best friends, college roommate, and pageant contestant Bethany Whitfield!

Love all of you,

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