Friday, July 15, 2011

Mid day- make up room - and mischief!

So I'm sitting in the makeup room waiting to get my hair and makeup done and I have decided to discuss some miscellaneous happenings in my life!!

At this point inthe blog this is what I am doing - I have curlers in my hair and I am wearing our turquoise shirt from today given to us by Bellas Gifts in Springdale AR! You should go there toget all of your crown and monogramming needs!! Mrs Amanda Is amazing there! Tell her you know Abby and she will help you get anything and everything you need!!!

This is my room - and all of my bags! I feel like I am living my life in compartments!!! Ahhh - I'm ready to be home and organized again!

The next things I am going to show you are some of the fun gifts I have gotten this week!!

This is a cupcake soap loofa!! How cute and fun is this!! And you know I love cupcakes!!

My mom got me this and it's a little cupcake tin!! I also got one from my cousins girlfriend Madison that says Celebrate!! I love them both soo much!! I have a great cupcake collection starting!!

This is my crown wallet my mom gave me one night after competition it's patent leather!!! I love it!!

This is from Mrs Sharon Mrs Lori and Mrs Leslie!! It is a Marshmallow kabob!!! I love it!! But I haven't eaten it yet!!

This plaque is from one of my friends Laine!! She is amazing! And I love this saying!

Okay!! This describes me perfectly!! I love this saying!!!

Flowers from my mom and aunts!! I love my family!!! I'm so thankful they are able to be here!!

I made this cups for the contestants!!! I have a confession... IM OBSESSED WITH CUPS!!! I love them and I make them for EVERYTHING!! Everyone loved the cups though!! Im glad about that!

This message is from my dad!! I'm a big sports fanatic so the fact that he used a sports analogy for a pageant queen means alot!!

This Is another message from my dad! I love the quote in the middle of the page!!!

A very special friend of mine sent me a message earlier and he text me the verse 2 chronicles 15:7 - this is what it says:

Be strong and courageous and do not give up!! for your work will be rewarded!!

This was just taken!!

That is miss America 2008 Katie stam!! We interviewed her foe he video tonight!! So check back!!

Well the hair and makeup is done and this is what I look like

I look like I've been in Bermuda for a month!! Ahhh

Well I'll post later after the pageant!!! Hope you enjoyed the mid day blog!!

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