Friday, July 15, 2011

Yah - pretty much we brought the house down!

day 4.  2nd night of competition... It was fabulous!

Let's start out with the verse that literally i have felt God's presence with all day, but was not aware of the verse that went with my feeling until I received it in a present tonight.

Matthew 17:20
If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, nothing will be impossible!

Wow.  sit. stop. think. that verse can move mountains.  Coming from my journey last night with my defeated thoughts and my negative outlook - that verse can change your whole demeanor and outlook on a situation!  and it did.  Again, I didn't know that that verse (which I have heard my entire life) was the verse behind the feeling - but God made it known.

So we woke up this morning and sat in bed for like 45 minutes telling each other we did not want to wake up.  I was so mad because I forgot to charge my phone, camera, and computer last night so when I woke up everything was dead.  ahh - don't you hate when that happens.  So I blogged a little bit before we had to be down at roll call and then threw on my clothes - literally Kathryn was like abby it's time, like right now.

we made it to the auditorium and I am not lying, the production staff was taking forever!  But that's okay, although I didn't have my camera to capture any of our moments - we were all EXHASUTED!  dead tired - nobody had any energy this morning.  Pageants can take it out of you! WOW.

So we were dismissed at lunch time.  I was thinking to myself - Perfect!  My makeup is not until 5 I can sleep all day!  And i did.  and i loved it. because what happens when you sleep.  You DONT EAT!  and with my swim suit competition tonight, i was pumped!!!!

Lauren - my hair lady called me at 330 and said I am ready for you.. well I wasn't even close to being ready so I told her let me wash my hair and roll it really fast.  I made it down stairs about 430 and was done in time for makeup at 5.

Everybody was on time to roll call and we headed over to phase 2 of competition.  This time I had charged my camera and was ready for a night of video andpictures - I didn't video any over there, but took some great swim suit and competition wear shots - because guess what - We look good in our swim suits.

Favorite conversation of the night was between me and Sagan Shipe (in Group A - cuz we da best)

Me:  Sagan you ready to tie in swimsuit - you know its me and you girl
Sagan:  oh yah girl!  Lets get it

Dorothy Shepard wins swimsuit (she looked freaking amazing in a bright yellow swimsuit!

after the show walking back to the room

Sagan - Abby I really thought we had gotten it
Me - girl i know when Dorothy won Alpha talent I was like thats good but girl you know that we tied - just sit back down and me and sagan are takin names!  (in a ghetto voice)

It was freaking hilarious because we were not alone and everyone heard us.  of course this was all in a joking manner.  and so everybody was cracking up!!!!

We have the best time as group A.  We were all chit chatting tonight about it - and we have decided that Group A will forever be filled with the same 15 contestants we have right now. Nobody else can come in and we are all coming back.  Kacey Keefe even said tonight that at May meeting when we draw for spots - if someone draws and says A ___ we will stand up give her the eye and say sit back down you do not go to A. haha - fun times

Backstage with swim suit - it was amazing to see us girls surround and support each other.  we were fixing each other, sharing shoes, tape, glue, safety pins, and one of my fellow competitors even let me borrow her earrings.  I also turned to Allie Brooks and asked which bracelets I should wear for competition and she said well I love the sparkle but I think the black is more appropriate - wow!  That is how pageant girls in Arkansas are backstage.  we are best friends.  That is what this whole thing is all about!!

I am pumped to see what happens saturday night, but if I don't make TOp 10 - i know I have 35 other girls backstage that I am about to chow down and have a blast with!

group A has a special surprise coming on Saturday morning - we have been planning it all week and we are pumped about it!  So stay tuned for that!

All of the contestants will be at the Hot Springs Mall on Saturday from 1-2 to sign autographs - I hope you can come!!!

Here are some of my favorite pictures from today - the video will be up later.

I hope you enjoy these stories.  I hope that it gives you a back stage look at what the competition is really like and it keeps you informed on what's going on.  Tomorrow will be a busy day - but it's the last night of competition.  But my favorite - Evening Gown!!!!  So excited!  Can't wait to show you pictures.

If you are reading this, please post comments and follow my blog - I LOVE logging in to see more followers everday! Also if you want you can jump over to And read about my latest cupcake fetish - but right now Im craving Blueberry muffins - which my rommate's mother was soo kind to bring me tonight!! Yay!! It was fabulous!

Peace and Cupcakes!

we were sooo tired at rehearsal - it was miserable!  

My best friends in the whole world!!! Meg, Nat, Nanna, and Ray Ray!  I was so happy to see all of them there again tonight.  Especially since they work and are from out of town it means so much that they are driving in to see me!!

This is my trainer julie!!! She is amazing!  Like freaking incredible when she works me out! And it PAID OFF!  okay - so I didn't win the swimsuit award - but I looked fabulous, and as long as you are comfortable with your own body then you are great!

this is Ashlen - she was Miss Arkansas 2008 and she helped my sister and I on our walks!  I am so lucky to have such a great group of people helping me on every phase of competition!!! Love her to death!  And she is in school right now and would come straight from clinicals to help me!!  She is just fantastic!

My wonderful grandparents GrandMary and Papa!  They are such proud and supportive grandparents of all 13 of their grandchildren!!!!  I love them soo much!

The MAFIA!!!!! this is not even close to half of my family - but they are so great! I love them!

Mrs. Laura - She is always soo encouraging and I loved getting to see her tonight!!!

My wonderful sisters - you know how sisters go - we are just so lucky to have each other!  And Laura leigh is rocking that crown!  SOOOO PROUD OF HER!

Mr social club the E's!  What a great group of support we have everynight!  and this is not all of them!  tomorrow night is going to be incredible!!

This is Laine and she has helped me coordinate all of my wardrobe and earrings and dresses - she is absolutely fabulous! And we love to go out to each together in Conway!  She is one of my biggest fans and I cannot wait to strrut my stuff across that stage tomorrow night in my red gown that we designed and created together!

Mrs. Sharon - I love this woman to death!!  She is definitely my biggest fan and I am HER ORIGINAL CUPCAKE QUEEN!  She motivates me to do my best and that I am a winner no matter what!  

This is my mom!! She is amazing!  I am so thankful I have such great parents that support me and cheer me on every night at competition!!  She does everything during the day for me.  I know I don't talk about it on the blog, but we are literablly cooped up ion the top floors of the Austen and we can not go ANYWHERE! so if we need a drink or food or anything I call my mom!  She even brought me more tanning spray so I can have that nice bermuda tan! :)

Goofy after the pag!  we have the best time ever backstage!  You cannot even imagine!

This is Lauren and she does my hair for the pageant - she works in Harrison Arkansas!  You definitely should call her for all of your hair needs - she is wonderful!

And you have met Mrs. Stephanie before - she does my makeup which looks so natural and glowing on stage! I love it!  She is absolutely the most godly makeup lady ever!  

Roomie pic!! Love her! Kathryn has been the best roommate ever this week - and she even brought me a blueberrymuffin for after swimsuit.. It was soo good!

Aren't we gorgeous!! These dresses are so unique and soo fun!!  we love getting dressed up for visitation!

Waiting for ROll Call!! I just love these girls!

Back stage pass!  Get excited! We were walking over to the show!  

About to go on!! Love our tony bowls dresses!!!  He made them especially for us and then donated them and the shoes we are wearing for free! What a great sponsor!

Strike a pose!  These are the girls in my swim suit group!  We had a blast doing it!  

One of my favorites - Ashley!!!!!  we have so much fun together!

Getting ready for finale - swim suit evening gown and talent dresses absolutely stunning - I love Simone's Red!

Backstage about to go on in Finale, which is Firework and so freaking fun!!  Mrs. Micki - our choreographer is soo wonderful!  Allie and Cortnie succeeded in making this picture the Number One most awkward pic ever!!!

Yes pageant girls do eat, and espeically after swim suit!  Our wonderful chaperones that keep us on time, safe, and loved this week get us food for after the pageant everynight and open up their room so that we can eat and hang out - it is sooo fun!  Some of the goofiest moments happen in this room! 

Well since those are all of my pictrues - I think it's time to wake up and get ready for today!!

Enjoy my blog!

Charmed Bliss

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