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Peace up! A-Group! NUFF SAID :) First Night of Competition!

Sorry this is post is a day late - however, last night after the pageant - it was way too hectic to post.  Today I will try to be better!  Promise!  

Well all of you that tried to watch via webcast last night, I heard it didn't work?  Is that true!  If so, I also heard they were going to let you re watch it? I hope you get to.  All of the girls looked absolutely stunning and it was way way way too much fun!  We had a phenomenal time!

I am going to write this post as if it is still yesterday.  So when I say today ( I Actually mean wednesday)

So I woke up today at 530 and warmed up my voice because roll call was at 715!  Yikes!  But I tried my roommate Kathryn's idea about waking up to a pretty noise and not my obnoxious alarm clock and it was amazing - I actually woke up!  If you don't know me - I am the WORST at waking up in the morning.  It will most likely be my demise of grad school.  

Kathryn and I went had had eggs for breakfast and then went to roll call.  We had to drag all of our clothing and backstage articles with us today for the show for the rest of the week.  So all our dresses and swimsuit and everything went with us :)  Talk about a LONG HEAVY WALK!  but we did it - and I wish I would have gotten video or pictures of that - but I didn't :( Sad day.  Sorry!  

We had rehearsal - NO LIE - from 730 to 230!  It was crazy we were there ALL day.  Most of the time we were just sitting around watching the other groups.  This morning at Roll Call it wasn't all of the groups - 

Talent was at 730 
and the other two groups were at 10.  LUCKY - they got to sleep in!

We had lunch in the auditorium and then had to take a picture with the 2011 REGAL - the car Miss Arkansas will be driving all year - it is worth $31,500 - it is the most expensive car Allen Tillery has ever given Miss Arkansas!  WOW!

So we got our hair and makeup done and it was so fun!  I love Mrs. Stephanie and she brought me some face cleanser goodies!  I am such a girl.  haha we roll called at 630 and headed over to the auditorium, but not without singing Alexis Farmer Happy Birthday (check out the video).  

So let me let you in on a secret about tonight:

It was so much fun on stage - however, I am a perfectionist.  You know those Type A girls, yes that is me.  I was really not happy with my performance - my voice is a little toddler and squeaked.  It was NOT as bad as I am making it out to be, but I am not going to sit here and say talent was fun and i did great - because that is a lie.  I am telling you this because of the way the girls reacted back stage.  This is a competition - the stereotype is cut throat, brat, sabotage, etc.. THAT IS NOT HOW THE GIRLS REACTED.

I came off stage looking defeated (I am a performer so my composure onstage was not defeat it was success - because I know that I have prepared that song and I sang it!  and I made it to the Miss Arkansas stage for the second year in a row! )  WOW!!! what an accomplishment.  Maegan Inzer answered my question on her on stage question tonight.  The question was:

 Is there a difference between Winning and Success? She answered, no because you set goals for yourself and when you achieve those goals you have achieved success - and whether or not you win in other people's eyes - you are winner to yourself.  (or something very close to that) 

In my mind - I am a winner and I succeeded tonight - I am not going to let a bobble get me down any longer!  However, the girls back stage loved me!  They hugged me and consoled me.  My favorite lines I heard were "cheer up butter cup" "i want your spunky attitude back now!"  "you were beautiful tonight"(who doesn't like that line) haha

Even one of the lovely little girls backstage were like you were amazing don't be down!  We have an awesome backstage crew!  SO thankful for their zipping and organizational skills.  

So needless to say at Second Opening - I brought that spunky attitude back, not because I was pumped about my performance, but because the love and encouragement that each of the girls in my own talent group showed me!  These girls were the light backstage.  God put them there for a specific reason.  

The show was amazing!!!  And we had a blast!  After the show we came back up to the rooms - and CRASHED!  So here are a couple of pictures of today's (or yesterday's) fun times!

Getting read to go onstage in our awesome opening question dresses from Tony Bowls!  Love them!  (me, allie brooks, and Lindsey Ahrens)

Walking to the stage!!!  This is our backstage hallway!

The Birthday Girl - Alex -Lex- Farmer.  She is wearing her evevning gown that HER MOM MADE!!! and I am wearing my talent gown - also known as the bird dress!

Sitting backstage watching the show on the television!

My dad and grandmother at visitation after the show!

My best friend, Caitlin. - She is ALWAYS there and ALWAYS my biggest fan (even though she is supporting 2 pins on her jacket) and she wore a DRESS for me!!!!

Don't know if this is the whole group - but it's a big enough shot!  I have a lot of support - and that is soo fun to have so many people love me!! They want to see me succeed and that is the greatest feeling in the world.  God has blessed me with a great group!

Leah and Lauren - Leah was on the FRONT row!  So everytime I was on stage I saw her!  She is amazing - her little sister is my little sister's very best friend!  And Lauren is my almost cousin - she holds a special place in my heart.

My director - Mrs. Jackie!  I love her - she is great and always so encouraging!

Well - here they are - you have heard so much about them - my 2 sisters!  Molly Anne is 19 and Laura Leigh is 14.  They are so stinking cute!!!!

Me Alicia and Lex - Okay so let me tell you a secret about these two!  we have so much fun together - Pageants are NOT CUT THROAT - well some people are... but most of us just want to have a great time!!! and that's what we do!  I love these girls!!!

Natalie and Dorothy Roy eating breakfast!!  It was an early morning - give us a break!! haha

This was at practice and i absolutely loved Kelsey's costume - Like I want it for myself for evening gown!

Rehearsl with Kathryn and Dorothy - my roommate has been so amazing and we just chatted about our talents and the competition all night in our room!!! She is so great!! LOVE HER! and Dororthy - i must say I had heard several stories about her so I didn't know what to think about her at first... then I got to know her!  If i have ever learned anthting in my life.. it has been to never be to proud to undo a stereotype and get to know someone for who they REALLY are!! And I love Dorothy!!!

Mr. Fred!!! Our backstage man!  He pushes us on stage when we need to be there and gets us ready!! He is amazing!

GROUP A!!! WHAT A FUN GROUP!!! love them so much!

JUNE BUG!! she dances with us backstage - she is sooo funny!!!

Me and Cortnie being sooo silly!! love her!

Dorothy Roy - I am telling you love this girl!

My Beautiful Princess Jessica!  She will be onstage with me in Evening Gown on Friday!!! 

Ms. Stephanie - I am telling you this lady is amazing!!!!

Brick is soooo funny!!! and is a joy to be around - we both had our red robes on while getting our make up done!  Love this girl!

My teen, Suzanna, she made top 15 last week at TEEN!! So proud of her!

Getting ready for roll call and to head to the show!!!! big night!

Headed to the show!  This is our "backstage" "undercover" route so that no one sees us!!!

Rianne - I didn't exactly know what to think of her at first - but she is the funniest person ever!!!  we have so much fun talking about my bird dress and she always has something off the cuff that makes me laugh!!! She has been so fun to have in the pageant!!!

Well I hope you enjoy those pictures!!  And the story behind them1!!  God has been teaching me a lot these past couple of days!  It has been a great learning experience.  He is teaching me that I am perfect the way that I am and I need to be happy in that and in my performance.  He has a plan and that plan is calming to me!  That plan is called serenity - I don't have to worry because I know is plan includes perfect timing, the right outcome, and a lot of loving friends and family.


Here is the video from today:

Peace and Love from the Cupcake Queen:


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  1. Thank you SOOOO much for the videos!!! I miss this so much but still feel like I'm there when I watch your videos!! good luck tonight! Love you1