Monday, July 25, 2011

God, do your thing!

I have had the most fun time at the beach! Destin is by far the best place to relax and rejuvenate the soul. Preacher at church last Sunday said that he was at Yellowstone National Park and God said - look at what I created. Without any man made interference - I did this. This is what I can do when you let ME DO MY THING. Wow! That is kind of how I felt when I saw these sunsets at the beach. No, they do not even begin to capture the magnitude of God's beauty - but it does make you sit back and think. Hey, what if I didn't interfere with what God was doing in my life - What do you think would happen? Would you begin to see miracles, would jobs line up, would sicknesses begin to heal, would troubles seem to leave? Life might be a little easier - if we just let GOD DO HIS THING.

Yah, okay - now that I look at it - It's pretty disgusting! haha but here is a better picture from the back porch looking onto the Bay side (not ocean front).

And then here is one of a prettier day at the beach!

If you haven't been reading my blog Miss Cupcake Queen (Here) then you probably don't know about my obsession and insane craving for blueberries. After my diet for Miss Arkansas I have been craving blueberry ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING! I am pretty sure I showed you yesterday the blueberry cake thing that Bethany and I made, so today I am going to show you the blueberry things I ate.

This is a blueberry pancake my dad made for me. I grew up eating powdered sugar and butter on my waffles and pancakes - call me weird, I know! But I love it! In fact, everyone was making fun of how much powdered sugar I had put on my Pancake in ratio with the actual BLUEBERRY pancake. Let me tell you - it was so good. Dad put real blueberries in it. It was delicious. He told me a trick that I will share with you: Heat the blueberries up in a ziplock bag before putting them in the batter - that gets some juices out of the berries so that they will mix in the pancake batter and give a fresh berry taste! Nom. Nom. Nom.

For lunch we went to Panera Bread and then got FRO - YO at 32 degrees. It was really good - of ocurse I got the Blueberry Cheesecake yogurt with real berries on top. DELICIOUS!

A picture of the Fro- Yo bar. It is actually a really cute place - but it was legit 32 degrees in there. It was a freaking ice box! yikes! we sat outside.

Girls Night Out! We all went to the Back Porch for dinner.

1. took Molly Anne forever and a day to eat her 1/2 pound of crab legs - we had paid and she had cleared our table before Molly Anne was finished. ha

2. Our waitresses arm muscles were ripped = we eventually asked her if she was a gymnast. She said yes, when I was younger! What! I wish I had arms like that good grief!

3. We no lie - sat down at 9:30, food at 10:15 and did not leave until 11. late night. yikes! still fun oh and we got t-shirts out of the meal!

After dinner - we stopped by Alvin's Island.

1. the most perverted shirts I have ever seen - i will never walk back in another one of those stores.

2. my sister got a cute destin shirt - (last picture)

3. Molly Anne won $2 in quarters out of this gambling machine.

NOTE TO READERS: she lost it all trying to win MORE! GAMBLING does that to you - don't waste your money. Okay, off the soap box. :)

Last morning there - Bethany And I made a spread of breakfast! Everybody was happy :) it was a good day. Cinnamon Rolls, Bisquits and Jelly, Eggs, and Sausage. Wow! Just call us IHOP!

This catches McKenzie in Action! She was spitting off of the 12 floor and trying to hit the man doing yard work. after about 5 tries.. she actually did it! No worries, he had a hat on.

Then, finally our last night - we had picture time! Here are some of the best!

This is my family!

All of the girls that went! We had a blast can you tell!

Then we went to the Mellow Mushroom and had some pizza!

Remember that no matter what happens - the same God that puts the stars out at night, and the same God that created sunset and waters the earth - cares for you!

He loves you. Be blessed in that and Thankful and have bliss in your life.

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